New certification application can be access by:

  • Logging into your NACE profile using Chrome.  The new portal will not support Internet Explorer.
  • Click on "My Certification Portal"
  • Click on "Browse Credentials"
  • Locate the chosen certification application and click the green "Move to home page" tab.
  • Click on the "Home" link on the left side of the page
  • Follow the prompts to complete and submit your new certification application

For help with a new New Certification Application please visit the below link for a short how to video:


  •  You will enter the the name of your reference and their email address 
  •  Click the send tab to the right of the reference
  •  The reference form will go to your reference electronically and the status will show "Pending"
  •  The reference will submit the form back (also electronically) and the status will update to "Submitted w/date"
  •  Once your requested number of references have been returned you can then Finalize your application